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How to set up your 2018 BookLikes Reading Challenge

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There's no better way of celebrating a new year of reading with a new reading goal! If you haven't set up a reading challenge yet, we encourage you to take part in this fun way of reading motivation and friendly bookish competition. 



How to set up a reading challenge on BookLikes?


Log into your BookLikes and use the upper menu, select Goodies and then The reading challenge tab.



Decide how many books you want to read this year, type in the number of books and click Save.



The notification about your reading goal will be published on your Dashboard - this means that your BookLikes friends (bloggers who follow your blog) will see your reading commitment. 



By clicking the Reading challenge link in the Dashboard notification you can also enter the reading challenge page and view the previous reading years and charts. 



The link to your reading challenge page is added automatically to your blog page. 



You can change the link name in Settings, the Pages tab.



To spread the news about your 2018 reading challenge, use the Reading Challenge widget and add it to your BookLikes blog and other webpages. 


Go to Goodies (menu->Goodies), Widgets tab, find the Reading challenge widget, copy the widget code and go to the customization tab -- use the green link underneath the code box. 



Paste the code in the Widget Area and click Save.



The widget will be visible on your blog page. If you have other blogs, webpages, author pages, feel free to use the reading challenge on all of your www pages. 




How to update your reading challenge?


If you've taken part in previous reading challenges on BookLikes, click the challenge heading on your Dashboard to update your goal for 2018.



Then click update your reading challenge on the right to select a new reading goal for 2018. 



You can also update your reading goal during the year if you decide the number of books for 2018 is too big or too small.


You should also update your reading challenge widget as well as a reading challenge link on your blog. Make sure the link says 2018 Reading challenge in Settings, Pages tab.




How book are added to your reading challenge?


Please remember that only the books with filled up reading dates will be counted to your reading challenge. Make sure you add the start and end reading dates for your reads. Here are 3 easy ways to do this:


1. Use the Finished button on your Currently reading widget on your Dashboard. The Currently reading spot presents all your books with the currently reading status. 


Write the dates once you finish reading your book.



2. To add the dates, click +Shelf advanced and fill up the reading dates in the Read status


Remember to save the dates. 



3. Use the shelf table view to fill up the reading information.

Go to your Shelf page, press the table view icon and add the reading dates in the Read Date spot. 




What's your reading goal this year?


Reading progress update: I've read 52 out of 532 pages.

Crooked Kingdom: A Sequel to Six of Crows - Leigh Bardugo

"She was Inej Ghafa, and she would not quiver like a rabbit in a snare."


Saga #1

Saga, Volume 1 - Brian K. Vaughan, Fiona Staples

Beautiful artstyle and a really intriguing plot here, I love the way Marko and Alana interact. This is not what I expected, but it's actually even better. Can't wait to read more.


What you see, isn't always the truth...

Rebecca - Daphne du Maurier, Sally Beauman

"Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again."


Rebecca starts with the narration of a sweet, naive heroine. Maybe not so naive anymore after being exposed to the pains of life, but still shy and quiet, a regular and unremarkable woman you can find in any place.


This book is not about her.


Our heroine is the narrator. It's life from her eyes we're seeing. And yet, everything is Rebecca. Rebecca, that was perfect in every way. Rebecca, that was the most beautiful creature to ever walk earth. Rebecca, that died before the story even started, and yet still manages to be the protagonist. Manderley is still all hers, even months after her death. Little pieces of her perfection are spread all over the house, and her presence haunts our protagonist, that fears she can never be viewed as Rebecca once was. And she can't.


How can we win against someone that still manages to be the main point of many lives, even after death? 


And the twist, oh the twist. As evidenced by my lovely fellow reviewers, I was pretty shook.


(Thanks everyone I'm still shook)



"I am glad it cannot happen twice, the fever of first love. For it is a fever, and a burden, too, whatever the poets may say."


Even the scenery description was perfect. Sometimes I thought I was in Manderley. I could read about our heroine describing flowers for ours and not get bored. This was a stellar read and I'm glad it's still being praised so many years after being written.


We even get creepy Mrs. Danvers as a plus! I loved her!



Sentence: *vague, distant noises of happiness and pain.*


Reading progress update: I've read 100%.

Rebecca - Daphne du Maurier, Sally Beauman

Damn. Review to come when I stop feeling shook. Is that ever gonna happen? PROBABLY NOT.


I'm sure my review will have something interesting to add to the thousands of reviews already written of this glorious classic. Ahem.


Reading progress update: I've read 75%.

Rebecca - Daphne du Maurier, Sally Beauman

Reading progress update: I've read 54%.

Rebecca - Daphne du Maurier, Sally Beauman

I feel like shit about to blow on this masquerade party.

Reading progress update: I've read 47%.

Rebecca - Daphne du Maurier, Sally Beauman

Mrs. Danvers is creepy af.

Reading progress update: I've read 20%.

Rebecca - Daphne du Maurier, Sally Beauman

"Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again."

Six misfits walk into a bar...

Six of Crows - Leigh Bardugo

"No mourners. No funerals. Among them, it passed for good luck."


CHO CHO CHO. What's that sound you ask? It's the hype train! And guess who's joining the hype train? Me! 



This book is just as awesome as I was told. There wasn't a moment that wasn't packed with clever scheming, action scenes and funny dialogue. When I put it down I kept thinking about our gang of thieves, runways and criminals would be doing next. I really like how the motivation for the main, impossible job in the book is just money. There are other intents for some of our characters, but most of them just want to get buried under a lot of coin. I can respect that.


There are many different POVs in the book, but since all of them are good, I was never sad to let a character go to get the view from a different one. Of course, I had my favorites *cough* Inej *cough* but they all interested me enough to keep going. Of course, the ending broke my heart, but that just means I need to hurry to the next one!


I also love how it's a duology, although by the time I finish the second one I'll probably regret liking these when I'm left begging for more. Gimme!


"It's not natural for women to fight."

"It's not natural for someone to be as stupid as he is tall, and yet there you stand."
Sentence: Gave me what I was promised and a little more. 5 stars.


Reading progress update: I've read 100%.

Six of Crows - Leigh Bardugo

10/10 stabbed in the face by awesomeness stars.

Lesbian Indian Wedding FTW

Far from Home - Lorelie Brown

This was such a fun quick read! I had actually meant for this to be a book to run to wherever I needed a break from Fantasy (that shockingly happens...sometimes) but I ended up finishing it in like 2 days. Oops. 


The main couple and the side characters were lovely, and I really liked the way Pari's culture was showcased. I'm actually a bit sad it was a standalone, would have loved to hear more about Rachel and Pari! 


Sentence: yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas



Reading progress update: I've read 50%.

Six of Crows - Leigh Bardugo

 I can see why there is so much hype in these books, this is so much fun!

Reading progress update: I've read 3 out of 160 pages.

Saga, Volume 1 - Brian K. Vaughan, Fiona Staples

The art style of this is gorgeous.

Reading progress update: I've read 38%.

Six of Crows - Leigh Bardugo


I've been laughing at this for two hours.


Also the friendship between Inej and Nina is very important thank you.

Reading progress update: I've read 100%.

Far from Home - Lorelie Brown

Oops, I'm done. This was supposed to be something light to turn to when I wasn't reading fantasy but I ended up really liking it and flew through the pages. I like how Lorelie left us a note at the ending encouraging the reader to leave a review, even if it's negative. So review to come (but spoilers: it won't be negative).

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