[OFF] 7 things you definitely didn’t need to know about me…


..but I’m telling you anyway because I want everyone to know me. (I think it’s 8 things now?)


1 - I am Brazilian, which actually makes my reading habits harder. Books take forever to get translated to Portuguese. So I learned English out of spite. I blame Obama!


2 -  I love to watch other people playing horror games, but I’m too much of a pussy to play them by myself. I'm convinced Five Night At Freddy's was made by the devi



3 - I’m obsessed with weird-ass questions that can be answered with physics. There’s a site just for people like me called “What if” (I’m still bad at physics in school).


- I’m one of the few people on the world who actually loves little kids as much as I like puppies. Future good mom,maybe?


5 - I only cried at a movie once. It was,of course,a dog movie.



6 - I think Markiplier is the hottest man in the known world. Probably on the unknown too.



 7 - I'm pretty indecisive about everything in the world. Except my favorite book,which is The Perks Of Being a Wallflower now and probably will always be.