The Vacuum Is Not Your Friend

The Martian - Andy Weir

“Yes, of course duct tape works in a near-vacuum. Duct tape works anywhere. Duct tape is magic and should be worshiped.”


And here we have a very rare specimen: a book that lives up to its hype. Do not approach with caution. Touch it without fear.


Being assigned to a mission in space the final frontier could be something very rousing. Unless you get stuck in Mars with little or no chances of survival. Then it could suck.





















Mark is the luckiest AND the unluckiest guy on space. Lucky because he survived for a very long time against all odds, unlucky because he got stuck alone in Mars in the first place, and everything seems to be plotting against him, including: Weather, gravity(or lack thereof),food supplies and random explosions inside his HAB. He also considers an attack from the aliens of Team Milky Way, but I do think that’s his smallest concern.


I admit I got lost into all the technical stuff. It was too wibbly wobbly for me. I’m still unsure if I understood everything Mark did to survive.


If this book had any other main character, I’m not sure I would have finished it. Except Mark is everything I love into a lead role: he’s funny,ingenious,smart and charismatic. He also made me wanna throw my underwear across the room,but that’s not relevant. (He also has the same name of my favorite Youtuber gamer) I LOVED THIS GUY. 



Nasa bothered me a little on the start,but I can’t deny they tried with all their resources to bring Mark back home. I cringed every time their progress was slowed,because no main character deserves to live as much as Mark Watney. He NEVER gave up,no matter what happened to him,he didn’t lose his hope even when faced with his worse challenge:




If I had to listen to disco music for more than a year I’d jump out of Mars without clothes to see what happened to my body


If I had to listen to disco music for more than a year I’d jump out of Mars without clothes to see what happened to my body


Also,can I get an “yep yep hurrah!” for Mark’s crew? You guys were fantastic friends and astronauts, specially you, commander Lewis! (Special mention also goes to the HAB. You survived a long time, friend!)


Anyway, I think my verdict is pretty obvious after this FANGIRL MODE: ON review, but even so…



*Sentence: With a sassy main character and a strong plot,it's good enough we should probably start selling it on Mars too.*