I Was Here,Reading. But I Kinda Wish I Wasn't.

I Was Here - Gayle Forman

“It doesn't seem like living to me, it seems like persevering, like it's the most I can hope for.”


In the hands of a less skilled author this book would have been a simple clichéd NA romance with tropes to spare.  But it’s Gayle Forman we are talking about, so it wasn’t. Barely.


I wasn’t really impressed with my first Gayle read but decided to go for this one anyway, for the author’s talent sake. The funny thing is that her own talent held weight against her: Gayle is a decent romancist  , but the last thing this book needed was a romance-driven plot. It should be centered on Cody and Meg’s relationship, not Cody’s hormones and how much she wants to throw them at Ben.


I’ll summon 99% of New Adult romances for you: death of a friend brings two people together, they fall for each other, she’s a virgin and he is a manwhore but decides to change because main character is supposedly “unique”. Bang . You’re welcome.


Nonetheless the reason I didn't set the book down is because of Gayle, who can make even the most cliched NA romance have dept enough to keep you from wanting to rip your eyes apart and go on a deranged mass murder.


I’ll be giving praise where it’s due: Suicide was handled extremely well, notably on the characterization of the blurred lines between the act itself and the simple consideration of your own death.


You can also expect to see a multifaceted relationship between teenagers and their parents, which is sadly lacking on novels targeting the younger masses.


*Sentence: Decent but predictable, had a certain potential that was held back by the romance “side” plot.*