What The Hell Do You Mean The Psy Aren't Vulcans?

Slave to Sensation - Nalini Singh

“An hour of your life is worth more than a thousand people to me.” 


Well, colour me surprised. This is me, actively enjoying a romance book.  My panties hit the floor so hard they end up halfway to China.



















So, romance isn't really my thing. It’s practically impossible to find a good book without a creepy romance these days, but my problem is specifically with novels who use romantic relationships as the main point of the plot. I still enjoyed this book a great deal, so I can affirm that stepping out of your ” favorites genres” zone sometimes does pay off. Even if romance is boring. [citation needed]


First of all, the world building surprised me in a good way. It wasn’t carried around by the love of two protagonists, instead they worked together to make an enjoyable book.

I’m not too sure about the characters, because the side characters were more interesting than the main ones,Lucas and Sascha. Lucas Hunter (guess his role in the book,you have 3 guesses!) is our typical alpha male. He’s more reasonable than most of our alphas around but that doesn’t mean he isn’t annoyingly possessive. Dude…chill.


Sascha was pretty good for a protagonist. Not annoying,not TSTL. Clever and ingenious when time called. But maybe I was expecting a bit more…action,from a cardinal Psy? . She did well with what she had in hands, nonetheless.



The plot was good! Except I didn’t care at all about the girls getting abducted, since we didn’t get any previous information on them. I was more interested in seeing how the characters would react to the actions than to the action itself.  The ending was pretty obvious too. Seriously, was anyone expecting


(show spoiler)


I’ll admit that this book is a grabber. I couldn’t take my eyes off it until I finished, mumbling about how much I hated it and everything it represented (and grumpily loving every minute of it).



I want to propose another drinking game! I’m going to give you all drunk poisoning again. Take a sip everytime a man lusts over Sascha,Lucas gets mad and you roll your eyes.


Sentence:  Like a trainwreck that went exceptionally well,I couldn’t stop staring for a second.


Now stop judging me while I buy the next book on Amazon.