My Book Collection Box 1 & 2

Reblogged from From Dark Places:

I've been collecting signed books for over 20 years, the collection is now pretty big, current estimate is around 250 books, growing all the time and storage is becoming a bit of a problemo, with only having the room for one small bookcase. So most are stored in boxes stashed in wardrobes, under my desk and anywhere I can hide them from the missus.


My books are listed, of course (OCD friendly environment) so I'm going to photograph them and show them to you all over the next couple of weeks. Box by Box.


So this is box 1 & 2 with 4 to go + a few others.


Pride of place goes to my 7 Alter 13 books for delirium.



   Delirium Novellas





   In no order what so ever.





The Scott Smith books are sweet, oversized HB's here's inside 





Hugh Howey slip-cased set



Around a third of my McBrides



The Gorgeous Bitter Ale Bryan Smith series



The inside artwork 








And finally time for the King









And the best of the bunch Cemetery Dance's version of Doctor Sleep, the best quality book I've ever seen in my life, absolutely fantastic.




That's it for now, I'll get the next box out soon.