These Aren't The Aliens We're Looking For

The 5th Wave - Rick Yancey

"If aliens ever visit us,I think the outcome would be much as when Christopher Columbus first landed in America,which didn't turn out very well for the Native Americans." 


The above quote by Stephen King is the opening of this book and the first indication that no,this is not a cutesy read with aliens that came to save us.




The first thing I noticed about The 5th wave is how realistic the setting sounds. Down to Cassie mentioning how she was worried about finding tampons to Zombie realizing like he must die to stop being afraid,everything screamed "THIS IS A DIRE SITUATION AND WE ARE SCREWED". Everything was hopeless and that's how I felt. Many dystopian books come and tell us how dire the situation is,but they don't actually make us feel like it's really dire. The 5th wave does an amazing job on presenting us a believable atmosphere. 


Now onto the main characters: they were very well portrayed. Rick Yancey is a 52 years old man who managed to capture the actions and speech of a young girl in a pretty accurate way. Cassie is sarcastic and resourceful,but understandably scared and often terrified at the prospects of an alien attack. Almost everyone she loved is dead,but Cassie still holds onto the only thing all humans share: hope. Evan and Zombie are great male leads,and when Cassie's scenes lack in action,Zombie always makes up for it.


A part of the plot that really got to me is when Zombie is walking around a garage and notices the abandoned cars. Nothing is valuable anymore,and the classes system simply disappeared. Like Zombie,said himself: "The guy who owned this BMW? He's in the same place as the woman who owned that Kia."


The 5th Wave is very action driven,and I swear I was grabbing onto my kindle with a desperate expression until the plot turning point was finally revealed. I admit I didn't see the answer coming. But that is the biggest weapon of the aliens,isn't it? We don't know how they think,but they know our minds.


There is a small love story in the middle plot,but it hardly undermines the main story itself. It also made me fangirl a little but that's another point.