Attention: Horror Authors

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Are you a horror author? Do you read non-horror books? Do you want a $20 Amazon gift card? How would you like to contribute to a series of blog posts about horror authors' favorite non-horror books? You can pick one book or several, short story collections to epically-long tomes. 


The catches are:


1. You must be a published horror author. I must be able to find your books for sale somewhere. Yes, even Smashwords counts.


2. The book you pick cannot have been categorized on bookseller sites as horror. Example: Stephen King's Hearts in Atlantis is not horror, but it is considered horror by booksellers because, unfortunately, King is considered a horror author in many circles.


3. The novel cannot be horror disguised as literary fiction. No American Psycho posts, please. 


4. Everything else is open season: Fantasy, Sci Fi, Romance, Action, Comedy, Drama, blah blah blah... But, I say again, they cannot be crossovers. No Aliens or Throne of Bones.


What I need from you:


Three to five well-edited paragraphs on why the book(s) you chose is your favorite non-horror read. Why is it that you, the writer of grisly distractions, are entertained by this tamer-by-comparison material? Why do you recommend others read it/them? And why you feel that it is important for authors and readers alike to read outside their favorite genres. 


I will also need the following: A picture and links to wherever your own works are sold. These should be emailed along with your article. I'll handle the links to the book(s) you discuss.


Every month, I will be picking one author's piece to showcase. You will receive your gift card a week before your post goes live. I am not asking for exclusivity, but I do ask for new writing and for the piece not to be shared anywhere else until I have posted it first. If you prefer Audible credit over an Amazon gift card, that can be arranged as well. Gift cards to other booksellers are available too. If your work is rejected, you will receive a simple rejection slip.  


Email all submissions to Thanks for playing.


*hugs and high fives*