Everything Is Awful And Then There's The Dome

Under the Dome - Stephen King

“If you can't laugh when things go bad - laugh and put on a little carnival - then you're either dead or wishing you were.”

This book is the largest novel I’ve ever read. When Mr.King goes into retirement, he will have to answer for the death of a lot of trees. That being said,the novel keeps a good pace throughout most of it's long plot. The thing is,I can't see myself reading this another time. It's not boring,but the story itself just doesn't seem to pay off a second read. Hence the 3 stars.

The story may have been too slow to deliver sometimes,but it did deliver in frustration. 90% of the cast was composed of TSTL characters. And since this is a King novel, Too Stupid to Live characters actually DO NOT LIVE.





Still, after one thousand pages it’s pretty hard not to care about everyone in the town of Chester’s Mill. You had enough time to meet them all. This made the ending even more blazing. The last chapters were some of the most terrifying amount of events I've had the pleasure of reading. Well played,Mr.King! You gave me nightmare fuel for an entire month! If only the entire book had been as awesome as the ending!




Breaking the Fourth wall

(show spoiler)

piece of narration was brilliant. I love self-aware narrators. If you consider what exactly the Dome is, it becomes even more brilliant.


The story wrap up fine at the ending as well,the explanation of the events was a little disappointing but it was surprising and well played. I was satisfied enough with the ending.


Sentence: Recommended for King fans wishing to see a different type of work and people willing to read a long book that does pay off in the ending.