Eveyone You Love Will Die

A Game of Thrones - George R.R. Martin

"Winter is coming."


I'm not sure what to say about Game Of Thrones that hasn't been said before. I realize I'm boarding the hype train pretty late,and that is entirely my fault. I rolled my eyes at all the hype and refused to even watch the show. I regrey that now,but it's never too late to see everybody I love die! :D



So the plot is basically this big orgy of war,sex,politics and a lot of death. There's the regular kind of orgy too,where people have sex and then die. You know,normal stuff.


I loved every part of it. I loved the honorable characters. I loved the despicable characters even more. I loved all the different POVs and their struggle,I specially loved Daenerys's journey to the Dothraki lands and to become a huge badass. I admired Martin's writing even though I am conviced that he hates his fans. I adored the misture of High Fantasy with the Medieval genre. I loved the rich lore and how Martin wasn't afraid of throwing punch after punch.


Imagine a feudal kingdom on a massive continent in a world filled with many cultures and half-legendary lands, all connected together through an ancient history. Imagine a time where dragons once lived but magic is now dwindling,where the seasons can be long or short, bringing glorious summers or terrible winters that last years at a time. Imagine an iron throne from which seven kingdoms are ruled, with false knights and true all gathered about it in hopes of blood or glory or profit, and shadows behind it pushing the pieces that make up the game of thrones. You can imagine how much I loved it.


To be honest,I can't remember a single thing that I openly disliked. All the gore and death and gory death only served to make me even more excited about the plot.


But you know,orgies are cool too.


Sentence: I love big books and I cannot lie.