Miss Burton Unmasks a Prince by Jennifer Moore

Miss Burton Unmasks a Prince - Jennifer Moore-Mallinos

"Do not let logic or duty override matters of the heart"


Meg Burton is a young American lass sent to Britain with a duty to her family: she must find a wealthy husband to avoid their financial ruin. But will she let her duty to her family overcome her very soul? 


As it turns out,my first Netgalley acceptance was a hit. Miss Burton Unmasks a Prince is a funny,delicate book.


Meg Burton turned out be a fantastic protagonist,and it was great to be in her mind. She was well educated, but still playful and charming. Her curiosity and absolute love of life made her stand in any crowd. Her non-conformist mind was something refreshing to have in a regency novel.



Our male protagonist,"Carlos" was also the type of male historical character that I don't want to strangle. He was a perfect match for Meg on the spot,because his mind was as open as she was. He didn't observe her curiosity and intelligence with condescension. He rejoiced in it as much as she did.


I was specially delighted by the subtle parody of the British Society. It's pretty interesting to see how it seemed from the eyes of two unconnected protagonists: Meg is American and Carlos is Spanish. (Can we also get a horray for a book that uses Spanish correctly?)



There is romance of course,but it's very light. It's also healthy,something that seems to be missing these days. Meg and Carlos observed each other and tried their best to be what they needed,while still keeping true to themselves.


Of course, a forbidden love is a great side plot and this one is played out well with just the right amount of chemistry, tension, and emotion. Miss Burton is a charming story that has a little bit of everything and left me feeling completely satisfied.


“The correct relationship will make a person bloom. He becomes more himself, his talents deepen, his personality grows, and he thrives. But the wrong relationship will produce the opposite. The things that were once so vital no longer matter. His talents disappear, his individuality fades, and he wilts.”



Sentence: With funny and likable main and side characters and a plot that stays strong until the ending,Miss Burton delivers what it promised and even more than that.



I received a copy from Netgalley in exchange for a honest review.