One Small Thing,One Sweet Book

One Small Thing - Piper Vaughn

“No one else should see him like that, ever. Not my Rue. And he was mine, as much as I was his.”


"Daddy" is not a title Rue Murray wanted, but he never thought he’d have sex with a woman either. Now he’s the unwitting father of a newborn named Alice. Between bartending and cosmetology school, Rue doesn’t have time for babies, but he can’t give her up. What Rue needs is a babysitter, and he’s running out of options. He’s on the verge of quitting school to watch Alice himself when he remembers his reclusive new neighbor, Erik.

Erik Van Nuys is a sci-fi novelist with anxiety issues to spare. He doesn’t like people in general, and he likes babies even less. Still, with his royalties dwindling, he could use the extra cash. Reluctantly, he takes on the role of manny—and even more reluctantly, he finds himself falling for Alice and her flamboyant father.'


One Small Thing is an unutterably sweet novel with just the right amount of erotic and humor added to the recipe. It was my first contact with a M/M books and my favorite one so far. A five stars read,definitively. Maybe ten stars? One hundred?


When I first started this novel I thought it was one of those “Club boys” stories and consequently not really for me. God, I was so wrong. And I’m so glad I didn't stop reading.

Rue (Don’t call him Rufus) is your typical club-guy. He is very flamboyant? Yes. He’s a bit immature? Yep. At least in the start of the book. As the chapters go in, you realize that he’s also kind, caring, loving and willing to change his entire life for his daughter, no matter how much that will cost him. He can also be a huge deadpan snarker when the situation calls for it. Reading from his point of view was really entertaining.

Weirdy McWeirderson- oops,Erik - is a Star Wars nerd (and a sci-fi writer) with a serious case of paranoia and anxiety issues to spare, but it’s obvious that the guy has a good heart. He decides to be Alice’s manny, not only because of the money, but also because he wants to help a complete stranger. He nearly goes "full freaking out mode" because of that at several times, and it’s fun to watch him as he gains experience with babies and people in general.

Alice is an adorable little baby that wasn't exactly planned,but was loved by the main characters anyway. The sweetness of her relationship with Erik and Rue nearly gave me sugar poisoning. It was adorable.

"She was my little girl. She’d been with me almost every day since she’d been born. Rue had my heart, but Alice had my soul. How could I ever bear to let her go?"

I loved all of the characters. I cheered for them, laughed with them, even felt their sadness. The slow building romance didn't let me take my eyes of the book even of a second, and I was surprised at how quickly I was finished. I just had to know what would happen with the characters I grew to love so much.


The plot didn't let me down either. I loved to see Erik falling for both Rue and Alice. I prayed that Rue would find the job he wanted and manage to stay with his little oddball family at the same time, setting himself free from the life that couldn't fit him anymore. I praised him for having the courage to keep taking care of his daughter as life got harder. I had to hold my laugh every time I thought of Erik having to write erotic romance. I cared deeply for Dusty and hoped someone would kick his abusive boyfriend’s ass. And there was Gary the dick. But who cares about Gary anyway?

My only complaint is that the book was just too short. It's been what,three months? I still feel deeply attached to the characters.


Final Sentence: I'm done now. HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO LIVE?