Getting to Know You/Me

I'm overly happy about the chance of jumping into this new Booklikes bandwagon,so let's get to it :)


1.  What is your favorite childhood book?
The Little Prince is the one I remember the best from my childhood,and so far no Children's book managed to best my love for it.
 2.  E-books or printed book?
This one is a bit complicated. I tend to read more e-books simply because they are easier to carry around and usually cheaper. Everything is too expensive here in Brazil,including books,so I tend not to have a huge paperback collection. There is something about touching a physical book that I love,though.
3.  What is your favorite place to read?
My bed,preferably late at night when everyone else is asleep already. My sofa is quite comfy as well,though.
4.  Is there any genre you would never read?
Never is too strong a word. There is no genre that I would never read,but I tend to stay away from non-fiction and religious books. I just don't enjoy them as much as I enjoy some good ol' fantasy.
5.  What’s your review rating system?
1 stars - I try to avoid giving this one because authors need to fuck up REALLY hard for me not to see any redeeming quality in their books. 
2 stars - "Meh"
3 stars - It was okay and I liked it. Books that were decent and didn't make me want to tear my eyes apart usually go here.
4 stars- Enjoyed it a lot.
5 stars - My love,where have you been all my life?
6.  What is your favorite fictional character?
Oh,this is hard. I found myself falling in love deeply with Samwise Gamgee from The Lord Of The Rings series,so I'll be picking him today.
7.  What is the best film adaptation of a book?
Oh look,Lord Of The Rings again! This one deserves special mention because the movies are actually better than the books,specially in the characterization. 
I also can't avoid to mention Watchmen,which was incredible in the comics and incredible in the big screen.
8.  How do you choose the next book to read?
I don't.
Okay,seriously though. I'm not sure. It just sorta of happens randomly and weirdly and suddenly I am reading something new. I seem to have a problem with decision making when it comes to books.
9.  Top 3 authors?
Jane Austen
J.K Rowling
Neil Gaiman
10.  Is there any book release you are particularly looking forward to?
There is always something I am really looking for,but Rick Riordan's next series based on the gods of Asgard looks promising. There is also The Winds Of Winter. I just hope Martin doesn't die before he finishes it.