I Don’t Even Know Anymore

Neverwhere - Neil Gaiman

You've a good heart. Sometimes that's enough to see you safe wherever you go. But mostly, it's not.”


'Under the streets of London there's a place most people could never even dream of. A city of monsters and saints, murderers and angels, knights in armour and pale girls in black velvet. This is the city of the people who have fallen between the cracks.’


There are books you are certain about. There are books who give you mixed feelings.  And then there’s Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman.


If you ask me right now whether I liked this book or not I will say it depends. Some passages would have me cheering for the characters and falling deeply for the story, others would have me yawning.



So let’s focus on the good things because those are easier to talk about.


The Characters


Richard Mayhew was an adorable main character. It was a different experience to see someone central to the plot being dragged around by it, but he awkwardly made it work. He seemed believable.


Door was also a nice lady, although I wish we had seem her backstory and personality expanded. We didn’t know much about her besides the fact that she was a good enough person in general. Also she may or may not have a crush on Richard. I certainly hope so!


The Marquis de Carabas (Puss in Boots,anyone?) was the most interesting and multi faceted character in the plot. Sarcastic,intelligent,had his own agenda. My kind of guy.


Mr Croup and Mr Vandemar a.k.a evil tweedle dee and tweedle dum were great villains that I would like to see again.


The Plot


We mostly had a single plot centered around the death of Door’s family and Richard’s weird introduction to Neverwhere,and that remained so for the rest of the book. The side lines didn’t seem too relevant,to be quite honest.


The Writing


It had the quality I came to expect from Neil Gaiman,so I can’t say it disappointed. Quite the contrary, actually.


The Radio Play


Okay,I know this doesn’t exactly concern the book but I have to mention the BBC radio play. It’s beautifully narrated and OH GOD THE CASTING.



I couldn’t have chosen better actors myself. If you like Neverwhere already or plan to check it out,PLEASE check the radio play as well. You won’t be disappointed.


Sentence: I liked it. And then I didn’t. And then I liked it again. Well,it was a good book.