The Broken Empire Trilogy

Prince of Thorns - Mark  Lawrence King of Thorns - Mark  Lawrence Emperor of Thorns - Mark  Lawrence

I know what you're thinking right now:




Yes. I came back. I am alive...kinda. In case you guys do remember me,let me start with the reason I've been missing for so much time. The reason is a huge mix of work,breakdowns and a car accident that BROKE MY ARM AGAIN. IT'S THE SECOND TIME THIS YEAR.



Seriously. I broke both my arms. How is that even possible? I was writing with my feet. WHY DOES LIFE HATE ME SO MUCH?




Now back to the matter at hand.


I figured that the best way to come back would be not coming back at all and riding this site of my terrible presence a book review,of course. And my choice for this triumphant return was the Broken Empire trilogy. Why,you ask me?




I know I have a tendency to freak out during favorable reviews,but I'm not exaggerating when I say the Mark Lawrence is currently one of my favorite authors in the business. He isn't perfect at all,of course. There are some issues related to pacing that I would like to point out. But this man knows how to write a plot that will keep your eyes glued to the pages,from the minute the main character is introduced in the first book to the moment the story ends in the third.


I won't be sticking to the plot because this is a spoiler free review. Mostly. Don't worry,I will hide those. 


Being VERY short,the Broken Empire trilogy is the story of a world destroyed by war,and how our very dear (not) main character changes the setting around him. The plot has a fast pace,full of gore and moving scenes. The character development is top notch,completely detectable without being forced. And the plot itself holds strongly through the three books.


I must admit that I saw the "big reveal" in the end before it happened. 

Seriously,it HAD to be Jorg's brother. The bitching runs in the family.

(show spoiler)

That didn't make it any less jaw dropping,mostly because of the way it's portrayed. case it's not clear yet...GO READ THIS SERIES. And tell me later if you also want to punch Jorg in the face. Because let's be honest. We all wanted to.