The Painted Man or...whatever happened here.

The Painted Man  - Peter V. Brett

I can't really remember much about the plot of this book,that's how interesting it was for me. If you ever caught me struggling to finish a book,know that it's boring. I'm usually compelled to finish even terrible books,just to see where the clusterfuck is going. But this book wasn't terrible,it wasn't good either. It was just...meh.



 The setting had everything to make a great storyline. There was the ever so present conflict of interests between technology and magic,the monsters that come bite yo ass at night,the different POVs that I do enjoy in a book...but everything was played so flatly. Page cardio. My interest flatlined half-way through the story.



It's really sad for me to see a good plot go to waste. I'm still keeping the book over in my bookcase because honestly the cover is pretty gorgeous. But that's about as much use I'm getting out of this reading. Will I buy the next one? 



Sentence: It was a decent idea,but it was as well executed as the new Ghostbusters movie.