Pacman Is Coming To Get You

Ready Player One - Ernest Cline

“Going outside is highly overrated.”


Aaaaand I'm late to the party. Big news. As usually,I'm reviewing a book after everyone has read it already. Consider me a single released after the entire album had been out for a few weeks. Hopefully the song is good,at least.


Ready Player One actually surprised me. Whenever I see a book getting a load of hype I immediately feel concerned about it. What can I say,I'm a bitter little shit. But RPO actually deserves the hype it was getting. 



I wasn't born in the 80s. Actually,I missed the mark by a few years. But by the way the first decades of my life went,you wouldn't say that. My father has a degree in 80s culture. From music to movies and ending at videogames. Every bit of knowledge he had was passed onto me. You can guess that I wasn't the most popular kid at school for being a total nerd. But who cares? I had Pacman and I had Pink Floyd. Life was great!


This book brought me a little piece of those years that I wasn't able to live directly. And guess what? Neither was our protagonist. And that didn't stop any of us. The entire plot of this book is centered around nostalgia,and that's something I can understand and respect. The references were great,and I had a lot of fun with this setting based on old school gaming. The idea of a Dystopia like this is slightly terrifying though,so let's hope we won't actually go there.


Another factor that made me enjoy this book is Will Wheaton's narration. I'm not the biggest fan of audio books,but his voice made the entire experience complete for me. I'm definitely going to warm up to audio books after this. But anyways,here comes our sentence.


Sentence: I CAN FINALLY BE SWEET HERE AND NOT BITTER LIKE MY LAST TWO REVIEWS. This was a great,interesting book. Ernest didn't disappoint me in the least. Nothing makes me happier than a book living to it's hype.