World of Selfish: The Book

Wuthering Heights - Emily Brontë

This is another book in my list of "books that everyone already read but I didn't". Better late than never,I guess. I did debate for a long time on whether I liked this book or not. I came to the conclusion that yes,I did like the book.


I just didn't like the characters. 


I don't think they were supposed to be loved,though. Everyone is flawed,everyone is selfish. I wanted to punch Heathcliff in the face more than once. And while I do admire Brontë's ability to portray such a realism,I couldn't like their personalities. I found myself waiting for Heathcliff to die so I could ignore his existence. And I really need to stop talking about Heathcliff because I think everyone got the idea. What an asshole.


Anyways,back to the story. It's a romance,but it's so uniquely cruel. I don't know how else to describe it. I wasn't prepared for the roughness of this story,but I wouldn't change anything about it. Specially not the ending,which I considered perfect. The only characters I fully liked were Cathy II and Hareton,so I'm glad we got some closure on those two. 


Sentence: It's a great book! I totally get the hype now.