The Rosie Project A.K.A Sheldon Falls In Love

The Rosie Project - Graeme Simsion

“Restaurants are minefields for the socially inept”



Like I mentioned in the title of this review,The Rosie Project is what Sheldon's diary would be if he had fallen in love with a woman that was the complete opposite of him. It's quirky,funny and often endearing. The exact type of read I would run to when I needed to shake off a heavy week of *gasp* human contact!!



I didn't expect this read to be perfect,though. The biggest flaw that bugged me by the end of the plot was the book's shortness. This is a story that craves for depth. You can't just have your socially challenged character turn into a charismatic and extroverted person in a single chapter. But the shortness of the story made that necessary. This book would be heavily benefited from an extra one hundred pages. Maybe two hundred. That would also allow the book to have more of a plot than simply "Don looking for someone to crash in his couch and become his wife."


But falling back into the positive points: this is a very charismatic book. I was drawn to every single main character,mostly because they were portrayed well. They were not only imperfect,but also likable. Don is a naturally sweet person,Rosie is clever and fun,Gene deserved to be punched a few times but also was pretty fun to get to know. 


From what I heard from a few friends,the next book in this series is a bit disappointing. I don't really plan to read it. I want to keep the sweet experience that The Rosie Project gave me. For now,that's enough. 


Sentence: The Rosie Project gave me everything I could ask for in the form of an adorable weirdo and an alcoholic bartender. And I loved that!