What Goes Around Comes Around

I Let You Go - Clare Mackintosh

“I want to fix an image of him in my head, but all I can see when I close my eyes is his body, still and lifeless in my arms. I let him go, and I will never forgive myself for that.”


I stumbled across I Let You Go a few days ago after I took an interest to psychological thrillers. I needed something that could keep me in my toes,and I'm very thankful to Clare Mackintosh for delivering it.

The first half of the book was both sad and calming,in a weird manner. Jenna seemed to be finding her peace,and I grew to admire her strength and ability to keep her calm. This part was slow paced,but still my favorite. Jenna was a woman desperately in need of a hug,and all I wanted was to give it to her.



Everything changes in party two. All bets are out,everything you know is crushed along with your poor feelings. I had to take the book down a few times for the mix of surprise and anger at what was happening in the narration,but I couldn't keep myself from going back to reading after a few hours. I felt like an addict,aching for my next share of anything the book could give me.



The ending of this book was painful. I'm still questioning my own beliefs about what happened. Clare,you are an evil thing to leave me wondering like this. But you gave me a great time,so you are forgiven until I get to your next book.

SENTENCE: What a great debut! Definitely left me wanting more. Can't wait to become a Clare Mackintosh addicted once again.


P.s: This book has very strong passages relating domestic abuse. If you feel that might affect you somehow,I recommend caution when reading it. Below is the National Domestic Violence Hotline site.




Number: 1.800.799.SAFE