Good Thing With Lots Of Paper You Read

Thing Explainer: Complicated Stuff in Simple Words - Randall Munroe

“Trees make babies by dropping tiny wooden tree eggs on the ground.”


It's no big news that I worship the ground Randall Munroe steps on. The idea of NASA scientist turned artist turned writer has a big appeal to me. Specially because he never really leaves behind the things he loves. He simply mixes them all together. Like this book,which has his comic style mixed with useful scientific information that even kids would enjoy reading.













This one seemed more "broad" in it's information than What If. More didactic,you could say. Even if the most used words were "things" and "stuff". A book after my own heart. If I'm trying to explain something it's inevitable that I will fall into "stuff territory." Sorry 'bout it.


My favorite chapters were about the universe. It did not surprise me that those were the most entertaining,they *are* Munroe's specialty,after all. But everything else was a lot of fun a well,and the illustrations made for a very beautiful book.




SENTENCE: Read it if you like science,or just looking at pretty illustrations of science!