Blue, Pink, White, Pink, Blue.

This Is How It Always Is: A Novel - Laurie  Frankel

"I'm your grandma. That's what grandmas are for."


"Loving you no matter what you wear?"


"Loving you no matter what."



This Is How It Always Is is a lovely story that is more than just a story. From the begging chapter we learn about Rosie and Penn, their five lovely children, and got an intimate look at their dreams and hopes. Rosie wanted a daughter, but after her 5th son Claude was born, that seemed like an impossible dream.


But soon enough, Claude showed herself to be a different kid. And soon enough, Claude became Poppy.



What really interested me on this story is the way it was handled. There isn't an exact formula to dealing with LGBT+ children besides love. t's hard to know whether to shelter them or let the world know the truth. Even great parenting and acceptance could have a negative impact if the children never learn the truth about the world: Not everyone will be nice. Not everyone will be accepting. And it's okay to be afraid. 


"Parent time is magic: downtempo and supersonic all at once, witch's time, sorcerer hours. Suddenly, while you aren't playing attention, everything's changed."


The happy middle reached in the ending was really satisfying to me. Things might take this road, or that one, or end up in the middle of a lake instead. And it's okay. Poppy and her family have the now, and that's a long time.


Sentence: About as good as everyone is saying. If I have to offer one criticism, and it is enough to remove a star, it's that the author's writing got weird sometimes. Her sentences in special seemed to go on forever. By the time I was finished with a phrase I couldn't remember what the beginning was about. This is the nightmare of a non native English speaker, but I enjoyed everything else.




Book read as part of the 2017 Goodreads Choice Awards challenge.